What kind of business to run and and things to assume before the dooms day begin

The Covid-19 pandemic has created disruption for the global health and development community. People are fighting infectious disease, supporting health workers, delivering social services, and protecting livelihoods have moved to the very center of the world’s attention. But everyone finds their work complicated by challenges of access, safety, supply chain logistics, and financial stress like never before.


The Impact is completely icomparable from one continent to the other, its implications are tremendously challenging. When it comes to developing countries who have been in danger of the environmental effect; the day is Dark. The overall implications of this global challenge are evident everywhere.


A better understanding of the big picture implications, we asked 21 global health and development thinkers and leaders to share in their own words their opinion and predictions. In the middle of all the danger information sellers who are taking the planet from wrong guidance to more loss of missing the basic human species.

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The former Nigerian Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala , is clear that the outcry in virtually every country about the lack of the equipment and supplies to test for and protect against Covid-19 will lead countries to reexamine their supply chains for critical health and livelihood related products. This will lead to a surge of Nationalism with the respect to the need to produce pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment domestically. “Even those countries that traditionally had no capability in these areas will seek to develop the same.” the minister added.


The realization that the Pandemic can cause even unprecedented world revolution in Human history. It is clear that the scenario is threatening Human species on earth.


By Eyasu Esayas

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